How to look after your home in cold weather

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, look after your home in cold weather

Wow, it’s blimmin’ cold out there! The school run’s fun at this time of year, isn’t it? Ugh. I think we were lulled into a false sense of security in December with our mild Christmas. Well, we’re certainly paying for it now! Who else is sooo ready for Spring?

While we wrap up our kiddies (and ourselves) in about ten layers of clothing in an attempt to stay warm, it’s easy to neglect your home. But cold weather can cause havoc in your house if you’re not prepared, and that can end up costing lots of money – which you certainly don’t want after the big Christmas spend.

So grab a blanket and a warm cuppa, and check out these useful tips to help you look after your home in cold weather.

Check your central heating is up to scratch

Mums Off Duty, look after your home in cold weather

It’s super important to check that your central heating systems are in good, working order. You’ve got a mass of pipes travelling around your house and you want to make sure they are all working as efficiently as possible. Believe me, the last thing you need in your life is a burst pipe. And if this does happen, make sure you know where your stop cock is!

To reduce the chances of a burst pipe, make sure they’re insulated and wrapped up well. And don’t forget to turn off the water supply to outside taps if the temperature has taken a sudden dip.

Get your boiler serviced

Do you enjoy your lovely hot shower every morning? I know I do! If you want it stay hot, please remember to maintain and service your central heating boilers.

An average boiler lasts between 10-15 years if it’s been looked after and serviced regularly. Try to get yours checked before cold weather hits to see if it needs any maintenance or even replacing.

Even if you’re away, set your boiler timer and make sure your boiler runs for at least an hour a day, to keep things ticking over and everything running smoothly.

Seal any draughts

Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people haven’t checked around their home for cold draughts. This is a cheap and easy way to keep your home warm.

Go round your home systematically checking for cheeky draughts around doors, windows and even your letterbox. It’s really easy to put a seal up – you could even make a draught excluder for the door with your kiddies, if you’re feeling creative!

Clear out your gutters

I know clearing out your gutters isn’t a very glamorous job but it is, unfortunately, a necessary one! If you don’t, a blocked gutter can cause ice dams which can be very damaging.

Get up there (or send someone else!) and make sure you clear out any old leaves and sticks that may be causing blockages. Stay safe though! A clear gutter means that water can easily run along the pipes away from your home, preventing that dreaded damp from getting into your walls.

Insulate your loft

Mums Off Duty, look after your home in cold weather

We often forget about our rooves but we shouldn’t. Remember, heat rises!

Is your loft insulated? If not, definitely consider getting this done as it can make a massive difference to keeping all the warmth in your home.

If you already have loft insulation, make sure it’s up to current standards – a depth of at least 10 inches thick is needed to be effective.

Clear out your chimney

Mums Off Duty, look after your home in cold weather

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful working fireplace and chimney in your home, make sure you’re looking after it.

I’d recommend getting a professional chimney sweep in to check that it is clear of clutter and debris. Lots of random things can get stuck up chimneys!

When you’re not using your fireplace, make sure you keep the flue closed all the way so that you’re not losing precious heat through the chimney, otherwise you’re basically just burning money and no one wants to do that.

Share your thoughts

Have you got any other suggestions on how to look after your home in cold weather? Please share below, I’d love to hear them.

Stay warm people, I’m off to crank up the heating.

Natalie xx

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Mums Off Duty, look after your home in cold weather

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