Review of Royal Egyptian towels from The Towel Shop

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, The Towel Shop

Ooh yes. Fresh, new towels. Who knew I could get so excited about a new set of towels? Yet here I am, sat stroking our super soft Royal Egyptian towels which have very kindly been sent to us by The Towel Shop.

You’ll be relieved to know that towels haven’t always got me so hot and bothered. Yet since we moved into our new home, everything that was perhaps considered mundane before (e.g. carpet colour, curtain material and kitchen worktops) have become, well, suddenly Very Important. And that certainly includes towels!

Confession time. We had our last set of towels for nearly eight years. They were a wedding gift. I know, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs. They were crunchy, to say the least. So when the lovely people at The Towel Shop offered me a collaboration, it was absolute perfect timing. Plus, it’s getting cold outside and everything that is snuggly and warm is LIFE right now.

The Towel Shop started off as a market stall in Bolton. I love a business that’s grown from humble beginnings. And it doesn’t just sell towels by the way. Of course there are towels for days on their website, in Royal Egyptian and Bamboo, and in as many colourways as you can imagine – but they also sell lots of bedding products and cosy bathrobes.

They’ve supplied Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds Festival, The Only Way is Essex, Big Brother and even – get this – Beyoncé. Heck, if these towels are good enough for Queen Be herself, then they are definitely good enough for me! #behive

Royal Egyptian towels

Mums Off Duty, The Towel Shop

I chose to review the Royal Egyptian bath and hand towels in latte. I also received matching bathmats, and a pack of flannels. I love having whole sets so that everything matches.

In our old house, we had thicker towels and I always had problems getting them dry. They would just hang there wet all day. And as I shower twice a day, they were just never dry! It used to drive me mad!

So I chose a thinner towel this time – 500gsm (grams per square metre, which indicates the weight/density of the towel) – and I have to say, they dry very quickly. I’m confident that they won’t be hanging there wet all day. Admittedly, they don’t feel quite as plush as 600gsm or 700gsm would for obvious reasons, but they are still very soft against my skin.

If you do prefer a slightly thicker towel – especially in winter – then I’d recommend going for the 600gsm, which should still dry fairly quickly.

I washed the towels before using and tumble-dried to keep them soft (remember to skip the fabric conditioner though as this can affect absorbency).

The latte colour is lovely and complements our new bathroom tiles really well. White is beautiful if you’re going for that hotel vibe, but if you want something a bit more practical for the kiddies but that is still fairly neutral, then latte is a great choice.

Good value for money – especially if buying in bulk

Mums Off Duty, The Towel Shop

If you have a big family, you can bulk buy from The Towel Shop which makes it amazing value for money. We received a pack of four bath towels (which means we have a spare guest towel), and Ethan’s got a pack of 12 flannels to work his way through (and oh he will, with his messy mush!).

You can also buy towel bales in various combinations, for a simple way to make sure everything matches.

Personally, I think the towels are really good value for money. A pack of four Royal Egyptian bath towels (500gsm) costs £21.54, which is brilliant. If you decide to go for the slightly thicker 600gsm, they cost £27.54 for four (prices are correct at time of publishing).

Go on, treat yourself

Mums Off Duty, The Towel Shop

I love our new towels and they look fab in our bathroom. If your towels are a bit worse for wear like ours were (or “hard”, as Ethan described them!), then have a little nosey at The Towel Shop’s website and treat yourself to some lovely new ones.

I will definitely be buying another set – although I will probably go for 600gsm this time for the extra snuggle factor this winter. I may also try the Bamboo towels, I’ve heard good things about them. Ooh and maybe treat myself to a new snuggly robe for winter.

Let me know if you end up buying anything, I’d love to hear what you think.

And a big thank you, of course, to the lovely team at The Towel Shop for this collaboration.

Natalie xx

Disclaimer: The Royal Egyptian towels, bathmats and flannels were gifted to Mums Off Duty by The Towel Shop for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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Kara Guppy October 28, 2019 - 7:43 am

I am a convert to Eqyptian towels, they are so soft an absorpant. I need to invest in some more as mine are getting old though

Lisa October 28, 2019 - 12:56 pm

I feel exactly the same. As we spend most of our time at home things like having nice towels do matter. I love a bath sheet!


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