How to make your home more inviting

by Natalie
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As lockdown restrictions ease, we are finally allowed to start inviting family and friends back into our homes.

Our homes have been our sanctuary and our safe space away from others for the past year so it may feel a little strange to invite people back in but I think we’ll soon remember how enjoyable it is to entertain and be the host!

Here are a few ways to spruce up your home ready to welcome those lovely guests…

First impressions count

Your hallway or entry way has to make a good first impression.

A tatty doormat doesn’t look great so if yours is in need of replacing, search out a funky new one – there are so many brilliant and colourful designs available now. You can even get personalised ones! Remember to put a weatherproof mat outside your front door as well to minimise the mud and dirt that’s brought inside.

Your hallway is one of those spaces that can easily get cluttered up. Keep shoes tidy with a shoe rack or bench, and hang coats on pegs.

Style shelves or radiator covers with flowers (real or faux) and a mirror is a practical and stylish idea. Mirrors reflect the light and can make your space feel bigger. Fresh flowers, a scented candle or a reed diffuser will give off a lovely scent to guests entering your home and really help to make your home feel clean and cared for.

Plan the dining space layout

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So many people these days spend a lot of their time entertaining guests in an open plan kitchen diner or a dedicated dining space. Guests that come over for dinner quite often spend most of their time sitting around the table. Therefore it’s worth making sure that this space is carefully thought out. 

Look at your available space. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t huge but make sure your table and chairs fit the space. What shape is your room? This will determine whether a circular or rectangular dining table is most appropriate. If you don’t buy a dining set, make sure the chairs you choose are the right size to be tucked underneath the table when they’re not being used.

Dressing your dining table has become quite an art form! There are so many beautiful things you can buy to make your table instagrammable. Consider tablemats, stylish cutlery, stunning glassware and napkins (such as Richard Haworth’s napkins) for the practical elements. Then add fresh flowers, candles or other ornaments for beautiful finishing touches.

It may not be practical to always have your dining table dressed but if you are able to leave some items out, it will make your home feel organised and will be less work when you do have guests over!

Think about your seating

If you have a small household, you may not have that many seats in the lounge. But when you have guests over, you’ll need to make sure there are comfy options for them to sit on.

If you only have one main sofa, how about investing in a couple of comfy occasional chairs that you can put out when you have guests round? If you have kids over regularly, bean chairs are a great idea as they absolutely love them and they can be easily stored away when not being used.

Don’t neglect your lounge. It can be the heart of the home as much as the kitchen! I always think a lounge should feel warm and snuggly. Buy some lovely cushions and throws and your guests won’t want to leave!

Enhance the natural light

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Making the most of natural light is so important in your home and can completely alter the feel of the house.

A bright home will feel more welcoming and fresh. To enhance and increase the natural light that enters your home, start by ensuring your windows are not blocked by curtains, blinds, or furniture. Adding mirrors will also help the light bounce around the room, making it feel bigger and brighter. 

If you want to go the extra mile, skylights are a great way to increase the natural light that enters certain rooms. They are an investment, of course, but will guarantee to make any dimly lit room feel brighter. 

Add personal touches

Adding art, photos, or DIY crafts around the home will add a personal touch to your house and will also act as a talking point for when guests come over. 

Surrounding yourself with things that mean something to you really makes a house a home. If you feel happy and comfortable in your space, guests will pick up on this and a happy vibe will radiate throughout your home.

Use accessories

A bare home with minimal accessories can often feel a little clinical. You might be a minimalist, which is fine. Always consider, though, how adding a few accessories to the sides or walls could enhance the inviting feel of your home.

Artwork, plants, and ornaments are great features to peak interest and make the home feel more welcoming. 

Share your thoughts

How do you make your home inviting? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Natalie xx

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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