Review of the Estrid razor

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty; Estrid

I’d heard good things about the Estrid razor from a friend so when I was asked if I’d like to try one, I said yes please! There was absolutely no pressure to share any social media posts or reviews in exchange for the product but I’m always happy to share my thoughts on products in case it is helpful to others. So here you go!

You’ll see the Estrid all over Instagram, looking prettier than a razor probably should, in gorgeous pastel shades which make it hard to choose a fave.

It’s vegan and cruelty-free, boasting absolutely no animal by-products choosing plant-based ingredients such as shea butter, cacoa butter and jojoba oil instead of lanolin and glycerin.

My usual razor is the Gilette Venus and I’m ashamed to say I have absolutely no idea what’s in it. Making more planet-friendly choices is a goal of mine but is clearly still very much a work-in-progress.

Something that I really like about the Estrid razor is that there is just one design for both men and women – so no inflated prices just because of your gender which is good news.

The Starter Kit

Mums Off Duty; Estrid

The Starter Kit (£7.95) includes the Estrid razor in a colour of your choice, two blades and a handy wall mount.

This is a subscription service. You choose how often to receive a pack of four razor blades (£9.95), depending on how often you shave. You can change, pause or cancel the subscription at any time and the website states that delivery of your blades is climate compensated.

My Thoughts

Mums Off Duty; Estrid

My Estrid in Bloom (baby pink) was delivered really quickly and was well packaged. The razor has a weighted steel handle with a rubber back so is heavier than the plastic ones you may be used to. But it does feel much better quality and the grip is comfy. The blade is simple to attach and the wall-mount is easily fixed to a clean, dry tile – you literally just push it on and it stays well put.

I only shave my underarms and always do them in the shower. I used my existing shave gel with the Estrid (although you can buy Estrid’s own which doubles as a body wash) and it was a really smooth shave, no nicks and very comfortable to use. I rinsed it clean under the shower and popped it back in its holder – job done!

I don’t know yet how long each blade will last as I’ve only shaved a couple of times but the website suggests changing every 4-7 uses. This, of course, depends on how large the areas you shave are. As I only shave my underarms, I’m expecting mine to last longer than that.


I’m pleased with my Estrid. It feels well made, looks smart in my shower and I appreciate its planet-conscious credentials. If you check out its Instagram page, Estrid is also a brand which promotes real (hairy!) people in its feed which is certainly a welcome breath of fresh air.

I have read quite a few reviews online stating that the blades do not last very long, tend to go gunky quickly and have caused skin irritation. If I experience any of these things, I will of course update this review.

Would I sign up to the subscription service? Right now, probably not as I don’t believe I shave enough of my body or often enough to warrant it but I can see that if you are a regular shaver, a subscription service could be useful.

Find out more

If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit the Estrid website here.

Disclaimer: Mums Off Duty was gifted the Estrid razor.

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