by Natalie

Welcome to Mums Off Duty. I’m Natalie, and I’m here to help all you busy mums find more balance in your life so that you feel happier.

The juggle is real. You want to be a great mum, a loving partner, and excel at work. But it’s tough out there. You may have the very best intentions but more often than not, life gets in the way. Cue that pesky mum-guilt!

Mums Off Duty is all about helping you to find balance. It’s not about leading the perfect life – that doesn’t exist. But I promise you that if you can find more balance in your life, and you do more of the stuff that you love and that feeds your soul, you will feel happier, stronger, and more confident.

Believe me when I say that taking care of you is part of taking care of your family.

A little about me…

Mums Off Duty, keep the magic alive

I’m mum to five-year-old Ethan and wifey of seven years to Tom (although we have known each other since we were 12!). We grew up in Hertford and now live in Letchworth Garden City. We love living in Hertfordshire and it will always be home to us.

My passion is writing. I’ve spent most of my career in PR and communications jobs, where writing has been a big part of my work and the bit that I’ve always loved the most.

Two things that are very important to me (aside from my family, obviously) are eating and sleeping. If I don’t eat regularly, I get hangry. If I don’t get enough sleep, then I’m just a mess (and not even a hot one). So I guess some days, I’m just a hangry mess!

Mums Off Duty, mum to a boy

I want to be a cool mum, a hot wife, and an awesome blogger. These are all still very much work-in-progress #LifeGoals

It took a leap of faith to create this blog – it’s always hard to put yourself out there – but now that I have, Mums Off Duty is my new baby. And if I can inspire you to invest more in yourself, then this blog is totally worth all the hours I put in.

I’ve got your back

I’m here to help you find the balance that works best for you and your family. It will be different for everyone.

I share useful posts packed full of lifestyle tips, often with advice from experts in their field.

I’ll inspire you with great places for you to go, so that you can make the most of your precious time off.

And I’ll share lovely things for you to spend your hard-earned money on. Most products featured on the blog and social media can be bought from our online affiliates shop.

How else can I help you? Is there a specific topic you’d like me to cover on the blog? Please feel free to drop me a note, I’d love to hear from you: mumsoffduty@gmail.com Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form below.

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I hope you enjoy the site.

Natalie xx

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