Mums, find your fashion mojo after kids

by Natalie
fashion mojo, Mums Off Duty

Are you a mum who has lost her fashion mojo since having children? It’s a totally natural state of affairs. Upholding your own personal style while changing nappies and spending most of the day/night covered in sick just isn’t a priority. Maybe you do still love fashion, but you find yourself spending more time putting together the kids’ outfits, rather than your own.

Time to move on from wipe-clean

When you’ve got babies, the truth is you do need practical outfits that pretty much wipe clean and, well, that’s about it. There does come a point though when you think it might be nice to feel a little less blah. There’s no rush, of course, but when that time comes, embrace it! It’s okay to want to feel, and look, a little bit more like your old self.

Boost your confidence

The way you look can directly affect your confidence, and confidence is something which touches every aspect of your life. Obviously image isn’t everything, but it can do an awful lot for boosting your self-esteem if you’re feeling a little low. If you feel better about how you’re presenting yourself, you may feel more like making other much-needed changes in your life.

fashion mojo, Mums Off Duty

I’ve recently started thinking it would be nice to get my fashion mojo back. As a stay-at-home-working-mum, athleisure is my friend. I’m so pleased my joggers and sweatshirt combo are finally an actual acceptable ‘style’, and I can at least pretend that I’m on trend!

Find your playsuit

I used to love clothes and my interest in fashion and style is ever so slowly starting to creep back into my thoughts. I even bought a playsuit last week. A playsuit! So impractical – is there a way to go to the toilet without getting fully undressed? Please advise? Yet it’s so beautiful and I’ve been admiring it in my wardrobe. I haven’t actually worn it yet (give me time) but I like knowing it’s there. It’s actually made me excited about clothes again.

So what I’m saying is, it’s okay to start caring about your appearance again. Don’t feel guilty about it. If you feel good about yourself, and the way you look, you’ll give off a much better vibe. This can have a positive effect on the rest of your life too.

Reignite your fashion mojo

Next time you’re shopping for your kids, take a little look for you too. It may not be a playsuit, but you may just find that special something that reignites your fashion mojo. When you do, just go for it.

Let me know in the comments if you think you have your fashion mojo back. Or maybe you never lost it in the first place!

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