Why I love Love Island

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, Love Island

Okay fellow Love Island fans, how brutal was last night’s recoupling? I watched the whole thing from behind a cushion. Yes, Wes has been an idiot but somehow I still felt sorry for him when he walked out to see Megan in the arms of Alex No.2. And how devastated did you feel for Georgia when Josh arrived hand-in-hand with Kaz? Even though you knew it was going to happen, it was savage to watch.

So what is it about Love Island that enticed 3.4 million viewers to tune in for the launch show a few weeks ago? Why do I look forward to 9pm Sunday to Friday way more than I should?

This is the first year I’ve watched Love Island from the get-go. And I am well and truly hooked. I’m fully invested in Jack and Dani winning (#couplegoals) and I even have the personalised water bottle (which leaks badly by the way but I don’t care, it has my name on it in pink).

I initially attempted to do some work while watching Love Island but that plan was soon abandoned. I’ve given in to giving it my full, undivided attention for the remaining few weeks. And I’m okay with that.

I have friends who I know are watching it and are just as hooked as I am. I think it’s fascinating how the series is so addictive when we’re all nearly a decade older than the oldest contestant (sob!).

There are many reasons why I’m watching. Here are four of them.

I feel like I’m on holiday

Mums Off Duty, Love Island

I think this works in a similar way to watching shows like ‘A Place in the Sun’. While I’m not interested in buying a two-bed property with plenty of outdoor space in the beautiful resort of [insert typical Brits abroad destination], the stunning weather on shows like this can’t help but give you relaxed holiday vibes. 

The Love Island villa is gorgeous. Given half a chance, I probably wouldn’t move off those plush day beds. And if I did, it would only be to jump in that lush pool. Oh yes, I’d quite happily make The Villa my home for a few weeks.

Love Island also reminds you how much more attractive we are when tanned. Yes, I know the sun is bad for you (summer skincare tips here!) but when you see all the contestants flaunting their beautiful bronzed bodies (well, except for Alex who is a bit pink, someone please cream him up with SPF 50) you can’t help but crave a little colour of your own.

I’m motivated to get into shape

Love Island contestants are not bad to look at. They’re all young, fit twenty-somethings with smooth, toned bodies and faces not yet marred by the relentless stresses of parenthood.

While it can be a bit depressing that I am no longer a fresh-faced twenty-one-year old frolicking around in an itsy-bitsy thong bikini (although to be honest I’ve never been much into thongs, not even in my twenties), I like to see it more as motivation.

I’ve been hitting my home workouts harder since Love Island began and I am determined to make my wobblier bits less wobbly before we head off on our summer hols.

I know it’ll never be the pert little bum I had in my twenties, and my tum will never be the same as it was before growing a small human inside it (nor should it be!), but that’s okay.

I don’t need a bombshell bod like Megan’s (though that would be nice obviously). It just gives me the motivation to be the best that I can be at 37 years old.

I love love

Mums Off Duty, Love Island

Yes, I love love! Love is, after all, the whole premise of Love Island. All the contestants are looking for love, their soulmate, their lobster. I get all the feels when a real, genuine couple like Jack and Dani are so clearly falling in love with each other.

They are just too cute and watching them really reminds me of those fun early days of a relationship when it’s all brand new and exciting.

My hubby and I have been together for 13 years so it’s a long time since we were ‘courting’ but thinking back to those times still gives me butterflies, and it’s a nice feeling.

All the drama

The fact that the drama isn’t happening in my actual life makes it all the more enjoyable!

I think we all felt sorry for Alex in the beginning and were rooting for him to ‘crack on’ with someone (anyone!) but now, to be honest, I just find him rather awkward. I think he tries too hard to seem casual and fun, and ends up coming across far too intense.

And who hasn’t encountered an ‘Adam’ or a ‘Megan’ at some point in our lives? Humans so impossibly HOT and beautiful to look at that they can literally have whoever they want. Even though we all know by now what Adam is like, it was still quite a shock to me to see him move on so quickly from Zara – I actually thought he might be changing. Silly me.

But it is a game after all, isn’t it? With a very attractive £50k prize and possibly even more lucrative TV, modelling and sponsorship deals afterwards. For some, I think the prize pot is very much front of mind and for others, well, they’ve possibly forgotten all about it as they are too busy falling in love with their very own lobster.

Mums Off Duty, Love Island

I felt guilty at first, wanting to watch Love Island. But now, I’m embracing it for what it is. Compelling reality TV with beautiful people giving you all the good feels with plenty of drama, and the prospect of a holiday romance blossoming into true love before your very eyes.

And that’s what makes Love Island so damn fascinating. This is people-watching at its absolute best.

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Kate July 5, 2018 - 10:09 am

I am afraid I don’t like the whole concept of this show at all. Glad you are getting something out of it but not for me #BloggerClubUK

Natalie July 5, 2018 - 8:00 pm

I always said I’d never watch it but it is totally compelling!


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