Why I love being mum to a boy

by Natalie
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I’ll let you into a little secret. I always thought we would have a girl. I’ve always been a really girly girl – never a tomboy – and everyone, including myself, just assumed when I had a baby, I would have a girl. 

So when a beautiful baby boy popped out it was quite a surprise. And I know it’s a cliche but now that I am mum to a boy, I honestly can’t imagine it any other way.

There are so many things that I love about having a son. Here are just a few.

Boys are no longer such a mystery

Growing up, boys were always a bit of a mystery to me. I don’t have any brothers, so I hadn’t grown up around boys. I was always a bit awkward around them.

Now, I get to watch a boy grow into a man before my very eyes. And it’s fascinating. I reckon boys are much more complex than they like to make out. I’m always learning something new about them.

I can be silly more often

Mums Off Duty, mum to a boy

Boys (and, let’s face it, men) can be quite silly. They play fight. They bundle. They find toilet humour the funniest thing ever.

I think as mum to a boy, I’m slowly learning to let go and embrace my silly side a bit more. It’s hard not to giggle along with them, and I’ll happily join in the odd bundle – as long as I’m not at the bottom.

Laughing is really good for us, and we should all do it more often.

I’m trying new sports

When I was at school, sports were still very gender-specific. Girls were encouraged to play netball, and boys were out on the football pitch.

This generation is learning that boys and girls can play whatever sport they want, and that’s fantastic. It does mean, however, that I have some catching up to do.

Mums Off Duty, mum to a boy, golf

Ethan’s favourite sport is golf. He’s always loved it and the obsession is only growing stronger.

I’ve never played golf (I don’t think crazy golf counts?). I’ve never even set foot on a real golf course, let alone been taught how to properly hold a club. Our son, however, at the tender age of five already has a pretty decent swing.

I’m not a bad putter. However, if I’m going to keep up with the boys and their weekend activities, I’m going to have to up my game, put on one of my stylish golf jackets, grab my sand-wedge (see, I’m learning!) and head out to the course with confidence.

If it turns out my talents do in fact stop at the putting green, then you’ll probably find me at the clubhouse enjoying a drink or two. At least I tried, eh?

That mother-son bond

Mums Off Duty, mum to a boy

THIS. The bond is strong people. Yes, some say that mothers and daughters are best friends, but I know this is also true of mothers and sons. Boys just adore their mums…and long may it continue.

Yes, boys can be exhausting and will probably drive you crazy most of the time, but I can also see how sensitive and kind they can be.

Don’t worry, I’m under no illusion here. I know that there will be many tough challenges ahead – I’m sure the teenage years will test our parenting skills to the max.

But I’m really hopeful that together we’re raising a generation of boys who will grow into decent, kind and loving men.

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Are you mum to a boy? What do you love most about having a son? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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1 comment

Alan Herbert August 23, 2018 - 10:00 pm

I have to admit us Dads can be a bit silly at times and you seem to have found the happy medium between being the sensible Mum and joining in with the fun and laughter.

I loved reading this post.


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