Ideas for part-time work for busy mums

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, part-time work

Looking for part-time work?

If you’re a stay-at-home-mum considering going back to work on a part-time basis, heading back into the workplace can feel a bit daunting.

Remember though that being a mum has given you so many brilliant skills. Your multitasking abilities will have hit new heights of amazingness, and you’ve probably developed plenty of brand new skills too. I, for one, have become an expert negotiator!

So, what kind of jobs could you consider with flexible hours that work around looking after the kiddies? There are lots of part-time work options, and here are just a few to consider.

Retail work

Retail work is often based on shifts, so it’s possible that you can find somewhere that offers hours to suit you, whether that’s during school hours, or evenings/weekends.

Mums Off Duty, part-time work

If you choose to work in a big supermarket, you may get an employee discount which can really help towards those ever-increasing food shopping bills.

As well as the larger shops and department stores, don’t forget about the small independents on your high street. Working for a small boutique would be a totally different experience than working for a large chain and you may get more job satisfaction from it. So make sure you include the smaller shops in your job search.

Freelance work from home

Freelancing from home is often the dream. Doing something you’re good at with the flexibility to work from home and set your own hours is obviously attractive to many, and is a big reason why I started writing my blog.

Please ignore the numerous ads offering you a quick buck to ‘work from home’. These often aren’t what they seem, and you’re not likely to make much money at all – at least not without considerable financial investment on your part.

Instead, look at your current skillset. Have you got a keen eye for proofreading content? Can you write great, engaging copy? Are you super creative and good with graphic design? Have you got technical skills? Can you build a website? You can offer your services in any of these areas and if you’re good, there is the opportunity to make decent money.

Cleaning work

So many people are hiring cleaners these days to help ease the pressure at home – especially when both parents are out at work all day.

Mums Off Duty, part-time work

A reliable, trustworthy cleaner who does a great job is worth its wait in gold – believe me, I’ve found it very difficult to find a good one!

If you’re thinking about running your own cleaning business, you can set your own hours, and only take on clients that fit in with your schedule. If you join an already established cleaning company, they may be able to offer you flexible hours to suit. It’s physical work but if you’re fit and healthy, cleaning can be a great part-time job.

Teaching roles

Working in a school is obviously highly sought after work, especially by parents as the working hours (and holiday!) are ideal. I have a friend who works in the same school as her children – she simply drops them off at their classrooms and heads off to her own. How great is that?

Mums Off Duty, part-time work

If you have the right qualifications, you could also consider supply teaching jobs, which will give you even more flexibility and experience in different teaching environments.

If you don’t have teaching qualifications, you could look for administrative roles within the school office, or catering opportunities in the kitchen. These jobs are in high demand though, for obvious reasons, so you’ll need to be quick off the mark to be in with a chance of an interview. Make sure you’re signed up to the relevant job sites to be alerted of new positions as soon as they are available.

Share your ideas

Do you do you part-time work that fits in around looking after the kids? What is it that you do? Please feel free to share below.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative  post.

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