Fabio’s Gelato opens second shop in Letchworth

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, Fabios Gelato

Oh God I love gelato. Proper, delicious, homemade, artisan gelato. We’ve been loyal customers of Fabio’s Gelato in Hitchin ever since it opened. And this week, owners Fabio and Hannah opened their second shop on Leys Avenue in Letchworth town centre. It’s only about a minute’s walk from the super popular Letchworth Splash Park so I have a feeling there will be queues out the door for most of the summer.

Mums Off Duty, Fabios Gelato

Fabio’s Gelato is a family-run dessert parlour – as well as homemade gelato, you’ll find a whole array of sweet treats including cakes, cookies and other mouthwatering desserts. There’s no kitchen here as it’s too small, so unfortunately waffles aren’t on the menu like they are in the Hitchin shop (hubby was disappointed!), but there are plenty of other things to choose from.

Mums Off Duty, Fabios Gelato

I visited today for a cheeky lunchtime treat. It’s a lot smaller than the Hitchin shop but it still has the same, bright, cheery vibe and friendly atmosphere. Just ahead of us in the queue was a group of about six or seven new mums with babies and prams, and they all managed to fit so it’s bigger than it looks!

Mums Off Duty, Fabios Gelato

When you visit, keep an eye out for some exotic flavours. Fabio’s Gelato is famous for being really adventurous and unusual with their offerings – they’ve even been featured on BBC News!

Oh and make sure you grab a loyalty card from the counter – I’m pretty sure you’ll be back!

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Natalie xx


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