Seven things to take on holiday to keep the kids entertained

by Natalie
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Does the thought of going on holiday with children fill you with excitement or slight dread? Often it’s the journey that most parents feel apprehensive about, especially if you’re facing a long-haul flight.

With a bit of preparation, the journey doesn’t HAVE to be horrendous. Yes, a bit of planning and organisation is needed but that just applies to parenting in general, right?!!

To help you out, here are a few suggestions for things to pack to keep the kids entertained, both for the journey and for when you arrive.

Activity books

What kind of activity books do your children enjoy the most? Puzzles, colouring, stickers? In our case it’s Maths books – yes, really! Activity and puzzle books are pretty cheap to pick up on the high street and can provide hours of entertainment. Stock up on a variety of their favourite activities, pack a pencil case, and you are good to go.

Wipe clean books are an especially good idea – make sure you have a stash of wet wipes on you so that you can clean it while on the move.

Ethan is really into writing a diary at the moment, so maybe pack some plain paper/notepads too in case they want to write a holiday journal or story while they’re away.


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I know you don’t want your kids to be on a screen all the time but for us, an iPad is an essential item to take away with us.

If you have time and are super organised, you can download their favourites before you leave. It’s also a good idea to have signed up to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that you can access home comforts and UK-specific services like BBC iPlayer while you’re away. Let’s face it – foreign TV is never great and although you’re not going to be spending oodles of time in front of the TV, it’s nice to know you can still get your fix of your favourite programmes.

VPNs can also help to keep your internet connection secure, protecting your personal information while out and about using public wi-fi – this is particularly important to think about when abroad.


Please don’t forget to pack headphones! You won’t want to listen to whatever they’re watching/playing on their tablet, and neither will everyone else around you!

Story books

Bring a selection of their favourite books – the ones they’re happy to read over and over again. Try to choose ones that are small and light so they’re easy to pack and transport.

If you’re short on space, audio books are a fantastic idea. Pop their headphones on and enjoy a bit of peace. Aaah.

Drinks and snacks

All kids require regular refuelling (as do I, to be fair). I can’t even imagine the horror if we forgot to pack copious amounts of snacks – especially for the journey.

Small, bite-size snacks are best, and nothing that melts or is too messy! Rice cakes, raisins and fruit bars are all easy to pack and carry. Stagger dishing them out though – you don’t want to run out of supplies too quickly.

Travel games

Mums Off Duty, Travelling With Kids

I’m talking small, travel-sized games and puzzles – think Rubik’s Cube (a huge favourite of ours), spinning tops, card games (like Snap, Top Trumps), travel Guess Who and Battleship.

These mini games are also really good entertainment for the whole family to enjoy while you’re away.

Favourite toy

Whatever you do, don’t forget their absolute favourite toy or blanket that they take to bed. This will make bedtime so much easier while you’re away.

Little ones especially often find it difficult settling down to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. Their favourite toy will give them some much needed comfort.

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What are your entertainment essentials for a family holiday? Have you got any handy tips for travelling with children? I’d love to hear them! Please share below in the comments.

Natalie xx

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