How to make homework fun for kids

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, homework

Most children dread homework; they procrastinate and whinge when it’s time to sit down in front of the books. However, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

There are lots of ways that parents can help make homework sessions more engaging for children so that it no longer feels like a boring chore. Of course, making homework “fun” is easier said than done, but fortunately a prep school in Kent have put together the following advice.

Understand their learning style

If you want to help your children learn, it’s worth understanding their learning style. Not all children learn from reading books and writing notes. Auditory learners, for example, may prefer to listen to an audiobook.

When they don’t understand their homework, children can feel quite frustrated and want to give up easily. However, if parents know which learning style suits their child best, they can find the right tools to explain the information and make it a more fun experience. There are lots of apps that you could download onto an iPad or other tablet that will make learning more entertaining.

Offer snacks to give them an energy boost

Mums Off Duty, homework

Snacks (ideally healthy!) and other motivators are a great way to encourage your child to do their homework. A snack will also give them a much needed energy boost after a long day at school.

It might be worth allowing them to take a break during a homework session so that they don’t lose interest half way through. Remember children have quite short attention spans!

Ask one of their friends to join them

You could turn homework sessions into play dates by inviting a study buddy over so that they can do their homework together. They will be able to help each other and it won’t feel like such a lonely, boring task.

Keep it fun

Essentially, the best thing you can do for your kids when they’re doing homework is to make sure they don’t take it too seriously. This will only put them off and make it feel quite intimidating.  Try to keep it as fun as possible.

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Do your children enjoy doing their homework? Please share any tips you have!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Dover College.

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