How to help your child stay motivated to learn over summer

by Natalie
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No matter how old your child, whether nursery aged or a teenager, they will need to be kept entertained in some way during the summer holidays.

Unfortunately for them, this doesn’t mean that they should sit on their electronic devices 24/7; there are many other things to do that will stimulate their minds and encourage them to use their brains. After all, you don’t want them to fall behind with their school work during their long break.

As a parent, it’s a great idea to encourage your kids to take part in some educational activities. Taunton School has the following advice to help your child stay motivated to learn over the summer holidays:

Start a family book club

Mums Off Duty, educational activities

You could initiate a family book club and take a trip down to the library. Let your child choose the book and take home copies for each member of your family so that once you’ve all finished reading, you can discuss it together.

If your child likes to write, you could suggest that they write up a review of any books they have read.

Visit a museum or gallery

Mums Off Duty, educational activities

If your child is a fan of science, art or history, you could head to a gallery or museum during the holidays.

These are a great option for parents because they often have free entry and are ideal if the weather isn’t great. Many provide free worksheets for children to complete, which can keep them entertained for ages!

Explore outdoors

Mums Off Duty, educational activities

On days when the weather is good, be sure to explore the great outdoors and teach your children about nature and the seasons.

You could also consider visiting a stately home or castle, because they tend to be abundant in history.

Don’t leave homework until the last minute

It’s worth encouraging your child to complete any homework they might have during their time off. They won’t feel good if they’re rushing through it right at the end of the holidays.

You could even think about helping them with any topics they might be struggling with, so that when they return to school they feel confident rather than left behind.

Remember, though, that learning comes in many other forms, not just academia. The idea is to keep your child mentally and physically stimulated throughout the holidays so that they continue to learn while enjoying themselves.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Taunton School.

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