Flexible working ideas for a better work-life balance

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, Flexible Working

The UK is finally catching up with the needs of the modern workforce. As we all try to juggle everything – work, family, friends and running a household – it’s no wonder we’re all trying to find better ways to fit it all in.

Flexible working makes it possible to build a working pattern that fits around you, so how do you sign up? Fortunately, there are plenty of flexible working solutions that can help you find the balance that can help you enjoy more of life.

Find out how you can give flexible working a try below.

Ask your employer

Most employers offer some form of flexible working to help people work patterns that better suit their lifestyles. You could work part-time, work condensed hours, flexible hours, job shares and home working as a way to change your working hours.

Having a conversation about flexible working with your manager is how you can start the process, and then make a formal request. It’s worth noting that a rejected flexible working request can be appealed, so please don’t be disheartened if yours isn’t accepted straight away.

Weigh up the pros and cons of condensed hours 

Mums Off Duty, Flexible Working

Condensed hours are becoming more popular as people look for ways to juggle childcare and the expense that comes with it.

By condensing your hours into a three or four day week, you can enjoy the benefits of your full-time salary while also getting time to spend with your children, or do other things you enjoy, on your days off. It can be a long slog but worth it to enjoy those free days. 

Look for casual work

If you’re not keen on staying in permanent employment or want something a bit more flexible, consider ways of finding more casual work instead.

Pure Staff Ltd is a recruitment agency that provides different types of work across industries that could help you find something more suited to your circumstances. Joining an agency and trying temporary work could also help you find a job that you love, or develop an interest in a certain industry or career.

Go freelance 

Mums Off Duty, Flexible Working

If you want to take control over your hours, your earnings and your career, why not consider going freelance? You could work in an area you’re already skilled in or get started with something else.

Starting a freelance career comes with a lot of benefits, and helps you fit in work around your timetable, not somebody else’s. 

Consider your options for flexible working

Finding flexible work is possible. There are a lot of options to support working mums as well as people who want to enjoy a different working pattern. Whether you choose to make your current job work better for you, or you want to be a stay-at-home working mum, at least you know that you have options.

Could flexible work help you find a better balance? Consider the options available to you and put the wheels in motion. 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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