Why wearing a school uniform has its benefits

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, School Uniform

Uniform is a vital component of a school and although it’s not always a favourite among pupils, there are a variety of benefits for both the schools and their students. I have teamed up with a prep-prep school in Chiswick to look at the benefits of wearing a school uniform.

Many schools require a more formal uniform, complete with a blazer and tie, while others are happy with a more casual approach. So, what’s the value in school uniform and how can it improve the wellbeing and education of those who wear it?

Removes competition over fashion

One of the biggest advantages of uniform is that it inhibits bullying.

Fashion choices can often be a factor in teasing and segregation among school children. When all students are dressed the same, there’s no competition regarding trends and designer brands.

Having a school uniform allows pupils to concentrate on their schoolwork rather than on what each other is wearing that day.

Gives a strong sense of identity with the school

Another fantastic benefit of school uniform is that it unifies the pupils and allows them to embody their school, giving them a sense of unity rather than disconnection.

In addition, it also improves safety and security as an intruder will stand out among the students. They are also easier to identify when on school trips.

Less money spent on lots of other clothes

Mums Off Duty, School Uniform

Although uniform can be expensive, it can actually help parents save money. One or two sets should last for the year, which is a lot more economical than having a wardrobe full of the latest trends, with a different outfit for each day of the week.

Saves time in the morning

Knowing what they’re going to wear each day will also help kids save time with their morning routine, as they won’t have to hunt out a different outfit.

You could argue that school uniform stops students from conveying their individual identities, but there are plenty of other ways they can do so that don’t lead to segregated groups and bullying.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Falcons School for Boys.

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