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by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, The Lawn Collection

Well, a lot has changed since I last posted…we find ourselves suddenly living our lives on lockdown. However before this all craziness happened, back when our lives were oh so normal, I was very kindly sent some tea to review from The Lawn Collection, a small family business based in Surrey.

Even though life is super weird right now, it still feels relevant to share this review with you because, well, we’re at home all day long and we’re drinking a hell of a lot of tea!

I love green and herbal infusions, while hubby reckons you can’t beat a traditional English Breakfast tea. So the lovely guys at The Lawn Collection sent us Green and Pleasant (green and peppermint tea) and their award winning English Breakfast Tea. We received their ‘gift sets’ which cost £15 each (price correct at time of press) and includes a box of 20 teabags, a jar of loose tea and a pink Lawn Collection tea towel.

The Lawn Collection

Mums Off Duty, The Lawn Collection

The Lawn Collection is a boutique tea company that produces unique hand blended teas and infusions in the UK, and is named after the very British tradition of High Tea on the lawn. They have an online shop and also supply their teas to local shops. Both their English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas are Great Taste Award winners.

Ethical Policy

One of the reasons that I agreed to review The Lawn Collection teas is because of their strong ethical policy. All ingredients are from trusted suppliers and can be traced back to source. They are SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved) and Soil Association accredited (though not all their teas are organic).

Materials are recyclable

It’s always good to know that what you’re buying can be recycled. The kilner jars that hold the loose tea are recyclable (except for the metal clips which you’ll need to remove), as are the teabag boxes (as long as you cut out the plastic window). The teabags themselves are made from SOILON, which is a bi-product of corn starch and is fully biodegradable.

And something you probably hadn’t thought about (I know I hadn’t!) – the teabags are cut and sealed using ultrasonic wave (sound energy) which means they don’t require any plastic or heat sealing.

The taste

Mums Off Duty, The Lawn Collection

If you appreciate a pretty teabag like I do, you’ll love these! It’s nice to be able to see all the colourful leaves inside the pyramid-shaped bag. It makes you appreciate more what you’re drinking. I brewed for three minutes each and hubby and I both agreed that the teas tasted lovely.

The Green and Pleasant has a gentle, refreshing flavour which isn’t overpowering – sometimes I find either the green or the peppermint is too strong, but this blend is just right. And hubby really enjoyed his English Breakfast tea.

Mums Off Duty, The Lawn Collection

We’d never tried loose tea before so we had to buy ourselves a little teapot. I’m glad we did though because the loose tea is so nice – I’m no tea connoisseur but hubby and I both agreed that the loose tea produced a super smooth taste. Even if we don’t use the teapot everyday, it’s definitely nice to treat yourselves to a loose tea and to offer the option to guests (once we’re allowed to have them again that is!).

Final thoughts

These teas by The Lawn Collection are really nice and if you’re into your tea, they are definitely worth trying. They do, of course, cost more than your average pack of tea from the supermarket. A box of 20 teabags costs £5.49 and the jar of loose tea costs £8.00. But sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself or others – they would make a lovely a gift. And as well as tasting good, they also look great on display in your kitchen!

Thank you so much to the lovely peeps at The Lawn Collection for sending us your teas to try, we are really enjoying them – especially at the moment when we are staying at home. Putting the kettle on and enjoying a good quality cup of tea is one of our simple little joys that we really relish right now.

Natalie xx

You can check out The Lawn Collection online shop here.

Disclaimer: The Green and Pleasant and English Breakfast Tea gift sets were gifted to Mums Off Duty for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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