The most real life (and Instagram!) ready bags

by Natalie
Mums Off Duty, Italian bags

Social media is an essential tool for interaction nowadays. Studies show that social media presence significantly affects the image and impression that people have of you – particularly important to keep in mind when applying for jobs, for example.

For many, it’s important to have on point social media photos and catchy taglines. However, it is also important to portray the insta-ready look in life as well. The bags you carry significantly impact your overall outfit, especially for us fashion lovers! As a must-have accessory for practical reasons as well as style, here are a few of the latest trends to consider when making your next purchase.

Intricate leather bags

Mums Off Duty, Italian bags

One of the reasons why leather bags are always so popular and a good choice, is because a leather bag truly is a classic wardrobe item that can also be passed down to your kids. On top of leather being one of the most durable materials, it also ages beautifully.

To find some of the most stunning leathers (and the best pizza and pasta of course), head straight to Italy. For gorgeous leather pieces, you can look at websites like Mirta for example that specialises in handmade Italian bags. They carefully source materials and craftsmen from all over Italy and best part is, they are sustainable! The artisans mostly create made-to-order pieces so there’s no extra stock or materials wasted. Leave it to the Italians to lead us into the future of fashion.

Raffia textures

Raffia is a material that is made using leaves of the palm tree. The leaves are sun-dried, and they have a more ribbon-like and seagrass quality.

Raffia material is usually very soft, and it features a very fine weave, making it perfect for some fun in the sun. This durable material is used to make a wide range of items like baskets, sandals, rugs, and tote bags!

Handbags made from raffia are the ultra-summer chic piece and perfect for your casual days at the beach or pool.

Circle-shaped bags

Mums Off Duty, Italian bags

What’s more fun than a normal bag? A circle shaped one!

This style bag is super retro yet just oh-so-good even in 2020. These types of bag are also very easy to style, you can pair it with flared jeans, a cute dress, shorts for a beach or pool day…the possibilities are endless. They come also in various sizes to suits lots of different occasions.

If, like me, you’re are a mum and need your hands free at all times, I recommend getting one with a strap for maximum comfort.

Twist strap bags

The twist strap is a relatively new style of bag to come about. The way you carry them is just so effortless and chic, you can carry it as a handbag or on your wrist.

Thanks to many European bloggers, everybody wants to carry a bit of the twist! It usually comes in the form of a bucket-like bag and they’re pretty roomy on the inside.

The massive tote

Quite possibly one of my favourite bags and trends, is the gigantic, oversized tote! It’s just so perfect for mums! You can literally put everything in here, all the makeup, food, nappies, toys etc. in the bag and there will still be room!

Brands like Balenciaga are credited for starting this, so a big thank you to them for making such a practical bag stylish! Tote bags are perfect for Instagram, and even better for real life.

Bags are a necessity for every woman’s wardrobe. A good handbag can complement your style significantly and really elevate your look. Every now and then it’s important to treat ourselves so take a look at these trends and have fun planning that next purchase!

Disclaimer: Written in collaboration with Mary Davis.

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